Alphacare’s integrated project delivery capabilities allow us to provide outstanding design options to the Aged Care industry nationally. We partner with clients, we challenge conventions and apply new thinking to create solutions that the industry hasn’t seen before.

We ask the hard questions from the start, to thoroughly understand the requirements of each facility we work with and ensure that our products provide a solution to their challenges and continue to achieve excellent clinical care, service, quality, and consistency long term across the life of the asset.

Our product development and innovations set us apart and bring a new balance to the industry. We are at the forefront of the industry with the globally recognized Span America range of prevention and treatment mattresses that assist with a reduction in workplace injuries and increased patient care.

Whether it’s a new fit-out, refurbishment, or you’re simply wanting to update your equipment, Alphacare can provide the best solutions on the market.

Alphacare - Aged Care Facility Fit Out - Aurrum Plenty - Victoria

Interior Furnishing and Design:

As Australia’s leading Healthcare Equipment provider, we understand how important it is to create a nursing care environment which has a homely touch.  Our Aged Care and Nursing Care equipment solutions are designed around the needs associated with aging and care, providing a positive effect on the user by allowing them to relax and feel at home. That is why we work closely with facility architects, investors, and operators during the planning phase and are there to advise our clients from the very start, whether they are building a brand-new facility or refurbishing an existing structure.

Designed for Living:

We offer a full range of furnishing and design services from a single source. Our holistic approach to design takes both the functional and emotional demands of the everyday life of an Aged Care or Nursing Home facility into account. In cooperation with our clients, we take an empty room and step by step fill it with life with our unique range of products; making residents feel at home, with a warm and stylish ambiance plus practical functionality.