Alphacare is excited to announce the appointment of Hayley Ryan, Wound Clinical Nurse Consultant.

Hayley Ryan has over 17 years’ experience in nursing and has worked in wound care over this time. Hayley has a passion for healing wounds working as a Wound Clinical Nurse Consultant across Australia and New Zealand, and has a wide range of postgraduate experience in wound management, while also completing a Masters of Business Admin (MBA) and also holds the position of Wounds Australia’s board of directors. Hayley has presented at national conferences and has a proven track record of providing advanced wound care education. She travels extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand educating on the principles of wound management and infection control to help clinicians maximize safe wound care outcomes. In addition to this Hayley was nominated for the 2018 Better Practice Awards for wound management and awarded the 2018 Wounds Australia ‘Clinical Excellence Award.’

As our Wound Clinical Nurse Consultant Hayley will be working directly with Alphacare offering education and advice on best practice management for wounds and prevention of pressure injuries. This partnership aligns with Alphacare’s mission to provide our customers with the very best service, support, and solutions tailored to their needs and requirements. We are dedicated to helping create safer, secure and more efficient healthcare environments, through the power of research and education to meet the new and continually evolving challenges of today’s acute care and long-term care settings.