Alphacare is excited to announce the appointment of Bonnie Chapman, Aged Care Client Executive.

Bonnie is a dedicated, dynamic and friendly individual, with extensive experience in meeting and exceeding client expectations.  Bonnie has experience working in both executive administration and education levels, possessing excellent communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

She is a forward-thinking team member, with the ability to provide leadership and coordination to large groups or projects, consistently demonstrating a flexible and service orientated approach in order to achieve results.

Within her new role as Alphacare’s Aged Care Client Executive Bonnie will work closely with Alphacare’s Corporate Aged Care Clients to understand their business needs, values and project objectives, assisting them across all business units including but not limited to customer inquiries and processing of orders.

Bonnie’s appointment aligns with Alphacare’s mission to provide our customers with the very best service, support, and solutions tailored to their needs and requirements. Bonnie’s excellent communication and interpersonal skills enable her to ensure that our valued customer’s needs are met with a high level of care and quality.

We are delighted to welcome Bonnie to our team.