Healthweigh Wheelchair Scale – With 1 Wide Ramp & Handrail

The Healthweigh®  Wheelchair Scale allows practices to measure patients confined to a wheelchair in a safe and comfortable manner. Patients can be placed onto the scale via the scale’s wide accessibility ramp. The Healthweigh® Wheelchair Scale also includes movement compensation technology, which eliminates involuntary movement during the weighing process to ensure accurate results. The scale also features a manual/automatic tare option, which allows the weight of wheelchair to be reduced in calculations.

The wheelchair scale is easily assembled and can be folded and transported on two heavy-duty wheels. It is available with one or two ramps.

Key Features:

  • Movement compensation technology
  • BMI function
  • Tare/Zero/Hold/Print/kg/lb
  • 5 digit ¾” LCD/Positive FSTN
  • Automatic Reweigh
  • Updatable firmware
  • Ports: RS232 and USB
  • Optional: Bluetooth
  • Healthweigh® Titanium Indicator


  • 230v/120v input, DC 9V output
  • Auto power off
  • Low battery indicator
  • 6 X 1.5AA batteries (Non-Class III only)
  • Rechargeable batteries (Class III only)

Product Specifications:

Platform Size: