At Alphacare, we understand Hospitals are demanding places and that the Healthcare Professionals and Nurses who work there must work extremely hard to ensure that each patient is provided with the best care available. Our mission as an organisation is to ensure that our products and services, allow our clients to provide optimum care to their patients in the easiest way possible. We achieve this through our state-of-the-art product range which is ergonomically designed with infection control properties to meet the clinical care requirements of the facility. In addition, our products are made durable and will withstand the demands of a busy Hospital.  A hospital facility fit-out with Alphacare is streamlined, efficient and organised and adheres to strict risk and safety management protocols.


Precision Support & Efficiency:

Our core mission an organisation is to make Healthcare Professionals and Nurses job’s as efficient as possible within demands the Hospital environment presents.  We operate on a direct to market business model nationally. Which means our customers receive products and services as cost-effectively and quickly as possible. We offer a single order point for thousands of products and have exclusive agreements in place with overseas manufacturers. This gives our business access to market leading products and keeps us at the forefront of global trends in the healthcare sector. We are the partner of choice for many of Australia’s largest Hospital providers and have fitted out Hospital’s nationwide with our bespoke equipment.

With Alphacare, no stone goes unturned, we consider everything to ensure that our products meet the clinical care and infection control requirements of the Hospital, align to the aesthetic styling of the development’s Project Manager and importantly provide the best workflow for the Healthcare professionals and nurses who use our products.

Quality and Compliance Assured:

Our products are built to withstand the demands of a busy Hospital and constant use. You can be assured that our products will provide the superior care to patients 24/7. Each component of our Hospital Equipment has been meticulously reviewed to ensure that they meet the clinical care requirements of a Hospital, including infection control and functionality. We ensure exceptional service quality and consistency through our robust service quality procedures, testing and reporting.  We understand the critical standards and legislative requirements of the Healthcare industry. Where indicated products are registered in the ARTG, AUST R. All electric components we use are of quality manufacture and have been tested and certified to all known current standards. Alphacare is fully accredited to the Quality Assurance System ISO 9001, ISO14001 and AS4801:2001. These systems are supported by a meticulous Internal & External Audit Program’s to ensure we abide by the regulations and law of not only the Australian Government but adhere to international standards. For more information on our Hospital fit-out packages please email sales@alphacare.com.au.