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Alphacare’s range of crutches offers a variety comfortable easy-to-use elbow and underarm options.

Our Range:

  • Our elbow crutches are generally used by individuals with long-term conditions who are able to partially weight-bear on both legs but require additional support. Elbow crutches have a cuff at the forearm that provides support and helps to reduce strain or pressure on the wrist. Elbow crutches can be used by people who have more upper limb strength or have the potential to build strength through long-term use.

  • Our underarm crutches are most commonly used following an acute or short-term injury that only allows the user to weight-bear on one leg. Underarm crutches are generally used by individuals who have decreased upper body strength, as they provide extra support and require less effort to manipulate.  Both of our Heavy Duty and Standard Underarm Crutches can be independently adjusted for comfort and fit.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Crutches:

  • What type of environment will the crutches be used in? Ie. Indoor, outdoor, uneven surfaces, stairs.

  • How much upper limb strength does the individual have? This will help dictate the type of crutches recommended.

  • Is the individual sensitive around the axilla or underarm area?

  • Does the injury or condition require full or partial weight-bearing?

  • Does the injury or condition require a short-term or long-term use of crutches?