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At Alphacare we believe that when it comes to walking aids, one size does not fit all. Different walking aids work best for different people depending on their height and weight as well as their environment and mobility requirements, which is why we offer an extensive range of options.  Our Mobility Seat Walkers enable users to maintain their independence by allowing them to go, stop and rest with complete ease and safety. Each of our seat walkers are ergonomically designed to ensure optimum user comfort and minimum risk of injury; including features like back rest support and height adjustable handles.  Some of our Seat Walkers also include handbrakes with a lock on function for added stability.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Mobility Seat Walker:

  • What type of walking distances will the user require the aid of the mobility seat walker for?
  • What types of spaces does the user need to use the mobility seat walker in? i.e. tight spaces or easily accessible areas.
  • If using the mobility seat walker for short periods of sitting will the user require a back rest on the frame?