Savaria FL Fixed Ceiling Lift

The era of lifting patients manually is over

The Savaria FL Fixed Ceiling Lift is designed with simplicity and purpose in mind! The design is simple, offers a better battery for excellent performance, and is one of the lightest weight motors on the market – only 5kg! Proudly made in North America, the Savaria FL Fixed Ceiling Lift  offers safe patient handling, with easier compliance in healthcare facilities.

Key Features:

  • More lift cycles: delivers 50% more lift cycles per charge than industry average
  • Less charging time: recharges from full depletion in only 2 hours, with daily charge needed of only 15 to 30 minute
  • Fewer replacements: battery replacement estimated at every 5 years with normal usage
  • More reliable: fewer service calls for dead batteries
  • Greener: no lead acid disposal issues and longer life of battery
  • No memory effect: battery does not deteriorate from constant charging
  • Power: fast lift speed even at maximum capacity lifting weight
  • With fewer service calls and far fewer battery replacements, the Savaria ceiling lift easily offers lower cost of ownership.



Savaria FL Fixed Ceiling Lift

Function Patient Lifting
Product Weight 5kg / 7.7kg
Measurements 130kg / 200kg
Lift Speed 2 in/sec / 1.6 in/sec
Weight Capacity 130kg / 200kg