Savaria Monarch Portable Ceiling Lift

Savaria Monarch portable ceiling lift is ultra-lightweight weighing only 5kg and is an ideal solution to care for users at home, assisted-living or hospital environment. This Ceiling Lift can be used for client lifting, room-to-room transfer, temporary or long-term use, residential or institutional use. Monarch gently and securely lifts and transfers the user with dignity and comfort from bed to bath or other locations. Monarch ceiling lift is long-lasting and quick to charge, the fast charging battery delivers 50% more lift cycles per charge than industry average, recharges from full depletion in only 2 hours, and has no memory effect. The lift features secure sling mechanism to prevent inadvertent detachment, and emergency lowering system to offer peace of mind.

The unique spreader bar includes industry leading Secure Sling Mechanism designed to ensure loop attachments cannot be unintentionally removed during use. The carabiner hook and carry handle makes transfer from room-to-room fast and easy. A portable ceiling lift can be used as a flexible alternative to fixed overhead lifts. An easy-access controls on the lift and controller raise and lower gently yet efficiently. The universal sling and hygiene sling has safe working load of 272 kg.

Key Features:

    • Ultra-Lightweight, Weighing only 5kg
    • Increased Battery Capacity
    • Carry handle
    • Express Recharge
    • Unique Spreader Bar with Secure Sling Mechanism
    • 130kg/200kg safe working load
    • Ideal for transporting with the user
    • Ideal for rental properties or hotels for non-permanent use



Savaria Monarch Portable Ceiling Lift

Function Patient Lifting, Room-to-Room Transfer, Temporary Use, Rental Properties
Product Weight 5kg
Weight Capacity 130kg or 200kg
Lifts per Charge 30 to 40 cycles
Speed (cm/s) with 200kg 4.5
Track Options H system, Turntable, Gate, Curves, Room-to-Room, Freestanding Gantry : 2m, 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 8m
Track Compatibility Compatible with all  Savaria track and other leading track manufacturers
Travel 2300mm
Soft Start/Stop Yes
Emergency Stop/Lower Yes
Lifting Clearence 342mm
Application Nursing Home, Hospital, Domestic, School, Leisure Centre, Physiotherapy