Freedom to Move During Your Recovery Period with the Smik Care Knee Walker

The most common advice medical professionals offer after a broken foot, ankle sprain or knee injury is to keep the injured area elevated and to get as much rest as possible. For many of us, staying off our feet just isn’t an option: there are household tasks to perform, routine duties in the workplace and other daily chores that require us to stay mobile.

Thankfully, the aid of knee walkers can help you stay active, independent and productive throughout the day with ease and comfort whilst allowing your injuries to heal.

Here are our top 5 advantages of using Alphacare’s brand new Smik Care Knee Walker (2950):

  • Maintain Good Posture

    The Smik Care Knee Walker‘s ergonomic design allows the user to stay in an upright natural position with one knee placed on the Knee Walker’s contoured knee platform and their other ‘healthy’ leg continuing in a comfortable stride. The Knee walker requires limited-to-no upper body strength, thus reducing the chance of back strain and fatigue that may otherwise occur with crutches.

  • Helps Recovery

    The Smik Care Knee Walker assists with recovery by allowing users to keep their injured leg or foot elevated, by securely placing their knee on the Knee Walker‘s pad. Furthermore, the Knee Walker‘s comfortable knee pad and handles can easily be adjusted to suit the user’s height without the use or need of tools.

  • Range of Motion

    The Smik Care Knee Walker‘s sturdy steel frame and advanced automotive steering mechanism provide an outstanding range of motion and directional control, allowing users to regain their independence, confidence and balance. The Knee Walker’s handlebars help to turn the front wheels of the walker and make directional steering easier to navigate corners or tight areas. In addition, the Knee Walker’s robust wheels provide greater agility and stability during use.

  • Easy Storage

    The Smik Care Knee Walker‘s folding handlebars and rear wheelset, plus its lightweight design make it easy to transport and store. In addition, The Smik Care Knee Walker‘s carry basket allows the user to carry around books, groceries and other items while on the move.

  • Speed & Ease

    The Smik Care Knee Walker‘s heavy-duty wheels make covering large or short distances a breeze, saving users vital energy required for recovery.