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A wheelchair offers independence and comfort for individuals who are unable to walk or are experiencing mobility issues, due to ageing, injury, disability or illness.

At Alphacare, we offer a diverse range of wheelchairs to suit a variety of needs, including self-propelling wheelchairs which feature both folding and rigid frames. As well as tilt recline options designed to provide ease-of-use and maximum support. We also offer a selection of power & electric wheelchairs which are suitable for users who are unable to use a self-propelling wheelchair. In addition to this our custom wheelchairs can be tailored to suit the user’s individual requirements and needs.

At Alphacare we also offer a complimentary product assessment, which is conducted with an appointed Occupational Therapist or Allied Health Professional to ensure that the correct wheelchair is selected to suit the user’s individual ability and requirements. Contact us today on 1300 930 930 to learn more.